Gastro Rental Regulations

§ 1

The equipment being the subject of the loan is the property of Gastro Rental, which is the sole legally valid owner of the rented equipment. This equipment is not insured.

§ 2

Along with the order, the Client signs an agreement with the Rental compliant with the conditions established in these Regulations. The rental of the catering equipment from Gastro Rental may be made by any natural person or legal entity who accepts the rental regulations and presents relevant documents. The natural person submits two documents confirming their identity and address of residence.
The legal entity presents the company order confirmed by the company with the possibility of order verification under the company's data.

§ 3

Rental and return of equipment takes place at the rental office or at a place agreed with the Customer (delivery / return).
Method of rental:
a) Before renting it is necessary to reserve equipment in any form (in person, by phone or via email)
b) Equipment can be booked at any time in advance
c) In the absence of a confirmed reservation, we do not guarantee the availability of the rented equipment

§ 4

The customer, when collecting the equipment, should check the technical condition and completeness of the equipment. By signing a rental document, the customer confirms that he has received equipment free of defects, in accordance with the specification and in good technical condition. Gastro Rental reserves the right to change the ordered equipment for a similar one that fulfills the same functions.

§ 5

The customer is responsible for protecting the equipment adequately against theft and damage (this also applies to damage caused in transport and resulting from defective packing of equipment) and obliges to return the equipment in the same technical condition and within the set time. The return of the equipment takes place at the Rental or in a place agreed with the Customer.

§ 6

The customer declares that he has the necessary knowledge about the use of the equipment and undertakes to care for the equipment and use it safely and in accordance with its intended purpose.

§ 7

The customer can not make any repairs to the equipment.

§ 8

The rental company is not responsible for microbiological contamination of the equipment and is not liable for the consequences of exploitation caused to third parties and the consequences of improper operation.

§ 9

The billing period for equipment rental is 24 hours. Fees for renting equipment are included in the price list and are net prices.
Gastro Rental may charge a deposit for the rented equipment up to 10% of the order value.
When delivering by Gastro Rental, the cost of transport depends on the rental price of the equipment depending on the volume of the equipment rented and distance of transport calculated in kilometers.
In case of returning the equipment after the agreed date of return, the rental fee will be charged in the amount specified in the price list. Rental fees are calculated from the day of rental until the day of return of the equipment.
In case the rented equipment is destroyed, decomposed or not returned, the customer covers its value according to the Price List.

§ 10

The equipment should be returned dirty, sorted by types, food and drink remains should be removed. Porcelain should be sorted by types eg in one case the plates main course, in the other plates appetizer in the third cup.
The glasses should be sorted by type into appropriate holders, bottom up.
Cutlery is packed in boxes by types, for example, knives separately, forks separately.

§ 11

Gastro Rental can refuse to rent equipment without giving a reason for refusal.

§ 12

Payment for rental is made on the basis of our VAT invoice when taking the equipment from the Rental or when picking up the equipment from our employee delivering the equipment.

§ 13

Transportation through the Rental consists in delivering the rented equipment to the address indicated on the ground floor level, to the first door. Employees of Gastro Rental are not obliged to carry and set up the equipment if it has not been agreed in the company with the person responsible for the loan. A person who rents equipment and orders our transport should provide persons for unloading and subsequent loading of rented equipment.

§ 14

If the Lessee withdraws from the order for 7 days before the date of its implementation, Gastro Rental has the right to charge the Lessee with 50% of the order value.

§ 15

In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply


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